The 2020 California primary is moving from June to March next year. Many state and county races in the East Bay are already at full-speed in anticipation of the early election day.

Check out the East Bay Citizen’s comprehensive list of candidates for those races HERE.

With the traditional Labor Day starting line for the November 2020 general election this weekend, below is the extended list for next year’s races from all over Alameda County. Note the large number of open mayoral seats in the Tri-Valley, for example.

Included are incumbents, candidates who have verbally confirmed their intent to run in November 2020, and those who are contemplating campaigns, according to sources.

General Election – Nov. 3, 2020

Alameda County Cities

City Council (Choose 2)
*Jim Oddie, councilmember, Alameda
Trish Herrera Spencer, former mayor, Alameda
*Malia Vella, councilmember, Alameda
>Showing Interest
Amos White

City Auditor
*Kevin Kearney, city auditor, Alameda

City Treasurer
*Kevin Kennedy, city treasurer, Alameda

School Board (Choose 3)
*Ardella Dailey, trustee, AUSD
*Gray Harris, trustee, AUSD
*Jennifer Williams, trustee, AUSD

City Council (Choose 3)
*Open seats

School Board (Choose 2)
*Jacob Clark, trustee, Albany USD
*Kim Trutane, trustee, Albany USD

Mayor (Ranked Choice Voting)
*Jesse Arreguín, mayor, Berkeley

City Council (Ranked Choice Voting)
District 2
*Cheryl Davila, councilmember, Berkeley
Terry Taplin

District 3
*Ben Bartlett, councilmember, Berkeley

District 5
*Sophie Hahn, councilmember, Berkeley

District 6
*Susan Wengraf, councilmember, Berkeley

School Board (Choose 2)
*Judy Appel, trustee, BUSD
*Beatriz Leyva-Cutler, trustee, BUSD
Walter Mitchell

Rent Stabilization Board (Choose 4)
*Leah Simon-Weisberg, tenant attorney
*Alejandro Soto-Vigil, commissioner, rent stabilization board
*Igor Tregub, housing commissioner

Castro Valley
C.V. Sanitary District (Choose 3)
*Daniel Akagi, member, CVSan Board
*Timothy McGowan, member, CVSan Board
*Dave Sadoff, member, CVSan Board

School Board (Choose 3)
*Monica Lee, trustee, CVUSD
*Lavender Lee Whitaker, trustee, CVUSD

*Open seat

City Council (Choose 2)
*Arun Goel, councilmember, Dublin
*Melissa Hernández, councilmember, Dublin

School Board (Choose 3)
Area 3
*Open seat (Nov. 5 special election)

Area 4
*Gabrielle Blackman, trustee, Dublin USD

*Amy Miller, trustee, Dublin USD

City Council (Choose 3)
*John Bauters, councilmember, Emeryville
*Ally Medina, mayor, Emeryville
*Christian Patz, councilmember, Emeryville

School Board (Choose 3)
*Barbara Inch, trustee, Emery USD
*Cruz Vargas, trustee, Emery USD

*Lily Mei, mayor, Fremont

City Council
District 1 (North Fremont)
*Teresa Keng, councilmember, Fremont

District 5 (Mission-Warm Springs)
*Raj Salwan, councilmember, Fremont

District 6 (Irvington)
Teresa Cox, trustee, Ohlone Community College Dist
>Showing Interest
Yogi Chugh, fmr planning commissioner

School Board (Choose 3)
*Michele Berke, trustee, FUSD
*Desrie Campbell, trustee, FUSD
*Ann Crosbie, trustee, FUSD

City Council (Choose 4)
Lacei Amodei, community activist (filed 8/12)
Elisha Crader, tenants rights activist (filed 8/12)
*Elisa Márquez, councilmember, Hayward
*Al Mendall, councilmember, Hayward
*Mark Salínas, councilmember, Hayward
*Francisco Zermeño, councilmember, Hayward

School Board (Choose 3)
*Robert Carlson, school board member, Hayward
*Luis Reynoso, school board member, Hayward
*Annette Walker, school board member, Hayward

*Open seat

City Council
District 3 (East Livermore)
*Bob Coomber, councilmember, Livermore

District 4 (South Livermore)
*Bob Carling, councilmember, Livermore

School Board (Choose 2)
*Open seats

City Council (Ranked Choice Voting)
District 1 (North Oakland)
*Dan Kalb, councilmember, Oakland
Stephanie Dominguez Walton, Realtor

District 3 (West Oakland, Downtown, Jack London)
Jesse Alexander
*Lynette Gibson McElhaney, councilmember, Oakland
Noel Pico
>Showing Interest
Cat Brooks, community activist/radio host

District 5 (Fruitvale, San Antonio)
*Noel Gallo, councilmember, Oakland

District 7 (East Oakland)
Bob Jackson, bishop, Acts Full Gospel Church
*Larry Reid, councilmember, Oakland
Tyrone Stevenson
>Showing Interest
Treva Reid

*Rebecca Kaplan, councilmember, Oakland

City Attorney
*Barbara Parker, city attorney, Oakland

School Board
District 1 (North Oakland)
Sam Davis
*Jody London, trustee, OUSD

District 3 (West Oakland)
*Jumoke Hinton Hodge, trustee, OUSD
Mark Hurty

District 5
*Roseann Torres, trustee, OUSD

District 7 (East Oakland)
*James Harris, trustee, OUSD
Kristina Molina
Ay’Anna Moody
Clifford Thompson

*Alan Nagy, mayor, Newark

City Council (Choose 2)
*Sucy Collazo, councilmember, Newark
*Luis Freitas, councilmember, Newark

School Board (Choose 3)
*Lucia Gutierrez, trustee, Newark USD
*Ray Rodriguez, trustee, Newark USD
*Bowen Zhang, trustee, Newark USD

City Council (Choose 2)
*Jennifer Cavenaugh, councilmember, Piedmont

School Board (Choose 3)
*Cory Smegal, trustee, Piedmont USD

*Open seat

City Council (Choose 2)
*Open seats

School Board (Choose 3)
*Valerie Arkin, trustee, Pleasanton USD
*Steve Maher, trustee, Pleasanton USD
*Jamie Yee, trustee, Pleasanton USD

San Leandro
City Council (Ranked Choice Voting)
District 2
Bryan Azevedo, community activist
*Ed Hernández, councilmember, San Leandro

District 4
*Open seat

District 6
*Pete Ballew, councilmember, San Leandro

School Board
Area 1
*Monique Tate, trustee, SLUSD

Area 3
*Evelyn Gonzalez, trustee, SLUSD

Area 5
*Diana Prola, trustee, SLUSD

*Peter Oshinski, trustee, SLUSD

San Lorenzo
School Board (Choose 3)
*Penny Peck, trustee, San Lorenzo USD
*Kyla Sinegal, trustee, San Lorenzo USD
*Marilyn Stewart, trustee, San Lorenzo USD

Union City
(District election plan forthcoming)
*Carol Dutra-Vernaci, mayor, Union City

City Council (Choose 1)
*Gary Singh, councilmember, Union City

School Board (Choose 3)
*Sharan Kaur, trustee, New Haven USD
*Lance Nishihira, trustee, New Haven USD
*Jeff Wang, trustee, New Haven USD

Alameda County

AC Transit
Board of Directors
Ward 1 (Albany, El Cerrito, Richmond, Berkeley)
*Joe Wallace, board director, AC Transit

Ward 2 (Emeryville-Piedmont, Oakland, Berkeley)
*Greg Harper, board director, AC Transit

*Chris Peeples, board director, AC Transit

Alameda County Water District
Board of Directors (Choose 3)
*Aziz Akbari, board director, ACWD
*James Gunther, board director, ACWD
*John Weed, board director, ACWD

Board of Directors
Ward #1 (Concord-Lafayette-Walnut Creek-Danville-Martinez)
*Debora Allen, board director, BART

Ward #3 (Berkeley-Orinda-El Cerrito-San Leandro)
*Rebecca Saltzman, board director, BART

Ward #5 (Castro Valley-Hayward-Dublin-Pleasanton)
*John McPartland, board director, BART

Ward #7 (Richmond-West Oakland-Downtown SF)
*Lateefah Simon, board director, BART

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District
Board of Trustees
Area 4 (Castro Valley)
Maria Heredia, appointed board trustee

Area 5 (Pleasanton-Dublin-Sunol)
Tim Sbranti, appointed board trustee

Area 7 (Livermore-portion Pleasanton)
*Ed Maduli, trustee, CLPCCD

East Bay Regional Park District
Board of Directors
Ward 1 (Richmond)
*Whitney Dotson, board director, EBRPD
Neil Tsutsui, Environmental Science, Policy & Mgmt professor

Ward 2 (Oakland-Lamorinda, parts of Walnut Creek)
*Dee Rosario, board director, EBRPD

Ward 4 (Alameda-San Leandro-San Lorenzo, parts of Hayward)
*Ellen Corbett, board director, EBRPD

Eden Health District
Board of Directors (Choose 2)
*Charlie Gilcrest,  board member, EHD
*Megan Lynch, board member, EHD

Oro Loma Sanitary District
Board of Directors (Choose 2)
Bob Glaze, appointed board member, Oro Loma
*Dan Walters, board member, Oro Loma

Peralta Community College District
Board of Directors
Area 1 (Alameda, portions of Oakland)
*Bill Withrow, trustee PCCD

Area 2 (Oakland)
*Meredith Brown, trustee, PCCD

Area 4 (Albany, portions of Berkeley, Oakland)
*Nicky Gonzalez Yuen, trustee, PCCD

Area 6 (Oakland-Berkeley)
*Karen Weinstein, trustee, PCCD

Washington Township Healthcare District
Board of Directors (Choose 2)
*William Nicholson, board director, WTHD
Jeannie Yee, appointed board director, WTHD