The pilot episode of the East Bay Insiders with Steve Tavares and Alameda County insider Shawn Wilson provides a tasting menu for what’s to come.

From the up-for-grabs Alameda County supervisor’s race to one of the candidate’s choice of tight jeans and the lack of a traditional guiding political figure in Alameda County.

Why can’t Fremont’s Indo-American political infrastructure get itself together and actually win elections? And isn’t Kohl’s Cash a scam?

Meanwhile, did we talk about you? Here’s this week’s appendix:

Pilot Episode Offendix

Marc Anthony suits
Vinton Bacon
Ben Bartlett
Rob Bonta’s hair
Bowl cuts
Cal State East Bay
Sue Chan
Chicken wings
Cupid’s Shuffle
Dr. Death
Mark Davis
Kevin Dowling
DNA tests
Charlie Gilcrest
Chris Gray
Abel Guillen
Barbara Halliday
Heald College
Melissa Hernandez
Felicity Huffman
Griz Jones
Ro Khanna
Bill Lockyer
Nadia Lockyer
Men’s Warehouse
Jason Overman
Nancy Pelosi
Jean Quan
Richmond strip bars
Libby Schaaf
Pete Stark
Summer dresses
Eric Swalwell’s hair
Donald Trump
Bob Wieckowski
Joel Young