Miley wants to declare disaster emergency for homeless in Castro Valley

A homeless encampment of more than 40 individuals under the freeway in Castro Valley will soon be cleared by CalTrans workers. In the aftermath, Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley foresees a scattering of homeless individuals the unincorporated areas that he believes constitutes an emergency disaster declaration.

Alameda County beatEarlier this month, Miley, who represents unincorporated Castro Valley, pressed staff to use county resources and move quickly in finding help and temporary lodging for the soon-to-be displaced individuals.

“People are living in the creeks. People are polluting the creeks,” Miley said. “It’s a public health issue. It’s an environmental issue. It’s a humanitarian issue.”

Miley believes that by declaring emergency the county can work faster in addressing the problem in Castro Valley and surrounding areas. “Meanwhile, we’re spinning our wheels. I’m sorry if people are offended by that. I’ve been talking to folks about this for years,” he said.

Alameda County Counsel Donna Ziegler said the standard definition of a disaster emergency typically includes some type of sudden, unforeseen incident. The homeless issue is not new, she added.

Miley disagreed, saying the abatement of the camp is the unexpected incident creating the emergency. “You guys are the attorney. You know where I want to go with this. Figure it out,” he told Ziegler.

The Alameda Country Sheriff’s Department and CalTrans recently abated a different homeless encampment camp containing roughly 30 people. This second encampment to be cleared is ensconced, virtually unseen, under the freeway at Center Street and Grove Way. Most the of property belong to CalTrans, but a portion is also county land.

In Castro Valley, First Presbyterian Church on Grove Way has been working on the front lines by providing a help with homeless in the area. The church offers parking for individuals who sleep in their car and also provides a warmer center during the winter months. Furthermore, a Homeless Navigation Center is slated to open on Fairmont Drive in late 2020.

5 thoughts on “Miley wants to declare disaster emergency for homeless in Castro Valley

  1. Gd evening Mr, Miley,
    My name is Melissa Moore and I lived in the camp that was the target of CalTrans abatement process starting on the 15th of October. As you see by just the two prior posts and you havent heard from the other approx, 40 residents desplaced, that what Caltrans went ahead and did and the process by which they have their own protocol, which they cannot even follow, the aftermath is chaotic, heartbreaking and tragic. It is foolish and just plain ludacris to think that an agency can come in and post a bunch of signs telling residents who have been at this camp for 6+ years that they have 2 weeks to get all their belongings packed and everything has to be gone including themselves by 10/15 or they will also lose all they own AND their freedom via a trip to Santa Rita jail. But lets not stop their…not only get out of your “homes” but no alternatives or answers on where they are supposed to go, how they are t get their beolongings out of the area and where they are supposed to store them so they dont get stolen. So now you have the scenario you already knew was coming. Most are wandering the streets pulling carts and just plain lost. so now you have groups of displaced residents desperate to stop and find somehere to rest so they can regroup. There is an added component to this also due to ACSO following, watching, harrassing the displaced residents since the 15th. It is a witch hunt, for lack of a better metaphor, by law enforcement by using their intimidation to keep these people, who are already uncertain of their next move, in fear. So all in all this abatement failed the homeless miserably and the residents of this community also, Where does the accountability rest within the agencies involved. Where was the logistical support for such a big action involving so many. No options or offers to help move these residents possessions to store somewhere safe, no advice or referrrals or options to go on a temporary basis, besides the ONE shelter set up that does not allow for pets or storage of belongings plus other issues within the homeless community. No immediate plan… Now the community is up in arms about the homeless being “seen” constantly with their carts full of their only possessions. How can something like this happen in today’s world where we can be so ignorant, iintolerant and biased against our fellow people who are already at their rock bottoms and just trying to survive daily and keep a spark of faith and hope. So I ask you Mr. Miley…what happened to your plan to declare a state of emergency or at least any plan of action to address the displaced at this moment in the community you represent. I feel that your words seemed to be convenient at the time but in the end you have completely went silent and looked away. I thought your job was to serve the people of this community and step up and do the right thing with the resources and backing you have at your disposal. Please follow thru with a plan of action. Each day on the streets for the displaced is putting them in a harmful situation and the community is turning on them more than ever. I respectfully submit this to you and await your response. Thank you for your time and assistance.
    Melissa Moore
    Homeless advocate and homeless
    510 723-4623


  2. Not to mention that if you’re in Hayward and you’re homeless there’s an unwritten law that says you are a criminal because you don’t have $20 in your pocket and you have nowhere to sleep. I’ve had Hayward PD actually tell me get the F out of here Bart is that way. I don’t know how they can call themselves humans after they treat you like you are a piece of crap.


  3. Mr Miley today I was forced to leave what I called home for the past 2 years by Alameda sheriff’s with threats of jail an probation violations . Now I use to run the street in Hayward cause problems there but when I got the chance to move to this homeless camp mentioned I learned that it’s not about just me it’s takes a lot to survive out here on the streets I’ve lost my mom , dad , an my son since I’ve been out here on the streets I’ve learned that I could do with out drugs an still function with people of the real world . I’ve been on the abode waiting list now for 4 in a half years an still I sit here tonight freezing cold without anything no tent no blankets no food nothing that I owned just yesterday why u ask because Alameda sheriff’s forced me out of my home now with the camps being taken from us All you r causing is a lot of problems cause us a your public cuz now we will be in view a an out on the streets instead of out of the way thank u for making my life even harder than it should have been thank u for taking everything I cared for away my safe zone my home


  4. Mr. Miley the system that is in place does not work it’s failing. We are still homeless. Why is that why doesn’t the system get us off the streets we need housing now. I don’t understand why I’ve been working with Abode for nearly three years and I still live outside and have nowhere to go. I have an income I’m trying to get my Social Security I have a hearing next month on the 15th why did they have to do this to us now and why don’t they have somewhere for us to go it makes no sense. Please fix the system help us get housing. We are not degenerate we are residents of Alameda County Castro Valley Hayward please help us get off the street where at least establish a safe haven where we can be and not have to worry about being abated. I moved from where I wasn’t supposed to be to somewhere where I thought I could be and the sheriff’s came today and told me that I couldn’t be there either I don’t know what to do I can’t go to a shelter when I went to First Presbyterian tonight they told me I couldn’t be there because I have my animal my dog my comfort animal. This is not working please fix your system and help us get off the street. Sincerely Jennifer Frias


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