Swalwell on impeachment

The president’s got priors.-Rep. Eric Swalwell on MSNBC Monday discussing impeachment and President Trump’s involvement with Russia.

One thought on “Swalwell on impeachment

  1. Swalwell is just another yes man for the socialist mob that has taken over what used to be the Democrat party. It’s a plan of continuously spewing lies and deceits in an attempt to brain wash the public. After two and a half years of wasting $45 billion dollars of our hard earned tax money, there was no collusion found. No basis for impeachment. Where has Swalwell been? Did he not get that memo? He’s been right here and he did get the memo. He has bought into the socialist mindset and has spit in the face of his constituents. Wake up people.
    Swalwell and all of his cohorts look at us as frogs in the pot. If they turn the heat up a little at a time, we frogs won’t notice until one day that the socialists have replaced our Republican and our freedom with social slavery and poverty. If ever there was a time to vote conservative from the local to national level, this is the time. As these elections come up, keep in mind that we are not frogs in the pot.


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