Sheriff Ahern is getting a $3 million chopper

Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern received approval to purchase a helicopter worth $2.9 million. The Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved funding for the Bell 505 JetRanger X on Tuesday morning.

The five-seatbchopper is billed by sheriff’s department as containing the “state-of-the-art public safety mission equipment to serve the citizens of Alameda County.” It includes the day and night camera capabilities and a multi-agency radio system.

The helicopter will be used for “in-progress crime,” search and rescue missions, and for use by firefighters, the sheriff’s office wrote in a staff report. The Bell 505 JetRanger X debuted in 2017.

The Board of Supervisors action Tuesday approved a $404,019 down payment on the helicopter to Bell Textron, Inc.

The sheriff’s department will use $642,609 in federal asset forfeiture funds for the purchase. The remaining $2.3 million comes from the East County Development Fund.

The county’s General Services Agency approved the sole procurement of the helicopter because the $2.9 price tag was more than $2 million cheaper than a similar type of aircraft, the MD530 F helicopter made by McDonnell Douglas

There board’s vote, however, was not unanimous. It was pulled off the consent calendar by Board President Richard Valle, who subsequently voted no without explanation.

One thought on “Sheriff Ahern is getting a $3 million chopper

  1. This should tell you everything you need to know about Haggerty, Miley, Carson & Chan. This is also a surprise that Valle is in support of spending money carefully.

    Committing to this helicopter and its related costs while Homelessness, Health & Housing remain seriously underfunded should be remembered by voters when presented with an opportunity to elect a supervisor who actually cares about the electorate and not the over-funded Sheriff.


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