By now, Rep. Eric Swalwell’s image on any cable news network over the past three years has greatly raised his profile in a mostly positive manner. But there is a flip-side to his ubiquity in the public eye. Six candidates will challenge his re-election in the 15th Congressional District next March.

They include three Democrats, two Republicans, and an independent. Democrats Samantha Campbell, Austin Intal, and Tuan Phan qualified for the Mar. 3 primary, as did Republican Alison Hayden.

The field also features a cast of characters, like Republican Peter Liu, who has advocated in the past for legalizing prostitution and pledging to turn Lake Merritt into a private water park; and Don Grundmann, an East Bay chiropractor who has often demonized the LGBT community. Both have run for various offices on several occasions.


Alameda County’s two other members of Congress will face a decidedly smaller field of challengers. Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee will face re-election for the twelfth time against Nikka Piterman, a Republican and software engineer.

In the Fremont and Silicon Valley 17th Congressional District, Rep. Ro Khanna will face Republican Ritesh Tandon. The Indo-American match-up could center on foreign policy. Tandon has been critical of Khanna’s stance toward Pakistan, including the congressman joining a House caucus on Pakistan. However, the entire field is not yet set. A complete list of candidates from the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters is not yet finalized.