Update: Haubert raised money more than Hernandez, Wieckowski


Dublin Mayor David Haubert’s finan late-posting finance reports for the end of last year and through Jan. 18 show his campaign for county supervisor in District brought in the most money. Altogether, Haubert raised more than $151,000 during the election cycle, the most of any candidate in the four-person field. 

The candidates hoping to replace Scott Haggerty on the Alameda County Board of Supervisor are viewed as evenly matched. But campaign finance reports released beginning on Friday show state Sen. Bob Wieckowski and Dublin Vice Mayor Melissa Hernandez have separated from the pack, at least, when it comes to fundraising prowess.

ALCOD1 logoWieckowsi’s campaign reported $90,315 in cash reserves through Jan. 18, according to finance reports filed with the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. Hernandez reported $88,283 during the same pre-election reporting period that covers Jan. 1-18. A second finance report is due next month prior to the Mar. 3 primary.

Fremont Councilmember Vinnie Bacon reported $68,292 in cash on hand. A filing for Dublin Mayor David Haubert is not yet posted.

Since the California primary was moved up this year from June to March, the campaign finance reporting dates have been truncated. In this case, year-end filing reports for the 2019 and the first pre-election reports are due at nearly the same time. 

Both reports taken together show Hernandez, a first-term councilmember, with a leg up over Wieckowksi, a far more experienced and well-known commodity in Alameda County politics. For the entire campaign, Hernandez has raised $140,009 in contributions. Wieckowski reported a total of $119,760.

It comes as no surprise that Bacon is trailing Hernandez and Wieckowski in fundraising. Unlike his opponents, Bacon said his campaign does not accept contributions from developers. Like his previous runs for the Fremont City Council, Bacon is again positioning himself as the “clean money candidate” in the race.

Subsequently, a large portion of his campaign is self-funded. The $18,111 expenditure listed on his most current report came for his own pocket. The donation was then used to pay for television ads, according to his finance report.

Bacon’s 2019 mid-year filing included $35,000 from two family members, in addition, to $24,000 loan from the candidate to his own campaign.

**Below is fundraising charts for the five Alameda County races on the March primary ballot. ($$ In = Contributions received; $$ Out = Expenditures paid; COH = Cash on hand; Blank = No report filed yet with California Secretary of State’s office.)

Alameda County Board of Supervisors

District 1

2019$$ IN$$ OUTCOH
Bacon $90,667$24,434 $66,233 
Jan. 1-18$$ IN$$ OUTCOH

District 4

2019$$ IN$$ OUTCOH
Miley $134,034$127,715 $11,565 
Goolsby $2,538$1,659 $879 
Supervisor Nate Miley, Esther Goolsby.
Jan. 1-18$$ IN$$ OUTCOH
Goolsby $563$437 $978 

District 5

2019$$ IN$$ OUTCOH
Supervisor Keith Carson, Albany Mayor Nick Pilch.
Jan. 1-18$$ IN$$ OUTCOH

Alameda County Board of Education

Ward 2

2019$$ IN$$ OUTCOH
Angela Normand, Board of Education Trustee Amber Childress.
Jan. 1-18$$ IN$$ OUTCOH

Ward 5

2019$$ IN$$ OUTCOH
Janevette Cole, Lisa Brunner, Hayward school boardmember Luis Reynoso.
Jan. 1-18$$ IN$$ OUTCOH


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