Swalwell wrote a book on the Trump impeachment, due in April

A day after the acquittal of President Trump comes news that Rep. Eric Swalwell has written a book that aims to reveal an inside look into the impeachment of the president.

Abrams Books, a New York publisher, announced the publication of Swalwell’s literary debut, titled, “Endgame: Inside the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump.”

Swalwell 114th congress

The 256-page book is set to be released on April 7.

“In Endgame, Congressman Eric Swalwell offers his personal account of his path to office and how he and his colleagues resisted, investigated, and impeached a corrupt president,” according to the publisher.

“Swalwell takes readers inside Congress and through the impeachment process, from Trump’s disgraceful phone call with the Ukrainian president, just one day after Robert Mueller testified to Congress, to depositions in the SCIF, from caucus meetings and conversations with the Speaker to the bombshell public hearings and the historic vote, and then what followed next—the holding of the articles, the news of more possible witnesses, and the sham trial in the Senate.”


3 thoughts on “Swalwell wrote a book on the Trump impeachment, due in April

  1. Swalwell is an idiot and his district is a disgrace. That moron knows very well “impeachment” is a cover-up and deflection of democrats own corruption and crimes. Yes, Trump is a jackass, but get real you fool Swalwell; you are not fooling anyone except yourself. And furthermore, less than 20% of registered voters vote in the east bay, why?… because it’s a leftist corrupted rigged fraud and everyone knows this. Swalwell and the rest of the anti-America leftists “politicians” in no way, shape or form represent the taxpaying citizens of the east bay – people have too much integrity to vote for these corrupt anti-America leftists, besides that it’s rigged anyway.


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