More than eight years ago, Eric Swalwell promised voters in the 15th congressional district that, unlike the entrenched incumbent congressman who lived in Maryland, he would always live in the district and work in Washington, D.C. For many years, Swalwell kept his promise, flying back-and-forth between the Tri-Valley and central and south county district on almost a weekly basis. This appears to be no longer the case.

Variety reported on Wednesday that Swalwell purchased a $1.2 million duplex in the Eckington neighborhood of D.C. Swalwell’s new home is a recently rehabbed, four-story Victorian. The home is roughly a mile from the capitol.

Over the past year, there have been hints, primarily on social media, that Swalwell no longer resided in the district. Swalwell was believed to have resided in a four-bedroom town house in D.C. He previously lived in Livermore. It’s unclear whether he still maintains an address in the district.

Members of Congress are not required to live in the district they represent, but the vow to stay connected to his constituents was one of the main talking points he used to upset 40-year congressman Pete Stark in 2012. Swalwell often used Stark’s residency as a symbol to represent him out-of-touch with the district’s voters. One mailer during the 2012 campaign depicted Stark as missing. “Have you seen me?” it asked.

It’s also unclear how Swalwell is financing the purchase of the home. During his short run for president last year, numerous reports found his personal finances were drowning in credit card and student loan debts.

In addition, any financial windfall that could come from his forthcoming book purporting to give an insider’s look into President Trump’s impeachment will not come until later this year.

The book was originally scheduled to be released next Tuesday. Due to the pandemic, Swalwell announced on Friday that publication of the book has been pushed back to August.