Alameda firefighter tested positive for coronavirus

UPDATE: 11:30 a.m.

An Alameda firefighter tested positive for the coronavirus, the city learned late Tuesday.

“Following the positive test, it is our understanding that County public health officials in the County where the individual is being quarantined began a thorough investigation to Alameda beatidentify anyone who might have been in close personal contact with the individual, which is protocol. The City of Alameda is fully cooperating with County public health officials,” said Sarah Henry, the city’s public information officer.

On Tuesday, City Hall and school district officials announced plans to cancel some previously scheduled government events, excluding, for now, city council and school board meetings.

The individual who contracted the coronavirus is one of the cases reported late Tuesday afternoon by Calaveras County health officials, the East Bay Citizen has learned. They noted the individuals contracted the virus outside of Calaveras County.

A child was the other reported case. Calaveras County officials later announced the closure of the child’s elementary school. 

3 thoughts on “Alameda firefighter tested positive for coronavirus

  1. Steve,
    No mention as to which firehouse is involved and whether the firehouse has been placed in to isolation as well as all the families and co-workers exposed.
    No mention of the Union’s position on the coverage plan for when the company and equipment are isolated and what the plans of coverage are to be. No mention of the related health care and other emergency people that are now exposed to Covid-19. Should the city of Alameda now be isolated by the California National Guard?


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