COVID-19: Alameda County tax collector offers to waive penalties for late property taxes

Alameda County homeowners are well aware the deadline for their second installment of property taxes is coming soon. But with the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting economic tailspin hitting the region and country, the Alameda County treasurer/tax collector announced Tuesday that penalties for delinquent property tax payments can be waived.

“The taxpayers will need to submit the appeal form and to sign a statement, under penalties of perjury, to represent that they were unable to pay on time for reasons related to the impacts of the corona virus from “reasonable cause and circumstances beyond the taxpayer’s control” under current state law,” the treasurer-tax collector’s office said.

Similar to the list of impacts resulting from the coronavirus that were laid out in the county’s recently approved moratorium on evictions, they include, documentation showing the resident’s inability to pay their property taxes because of illness, unemployment, and loss of income due to the coronavirus.

The treasurer-tax collector’s office, however, added, “The Treasurer-Tax Collector continues to ask all those who are not impacted by COVID-19 to pay by April 10.”

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