East Bay Rep. Mark DeSaulnier is improving, but remains in critical condition due to complications from pneumonia, his family said on Tuesday.

“We’ve been heartened by all the support, strength, and birthday wishes for our Dad. It’s inspiring to hear from so many who care for and have shared so much with him over the years, Tristan and Tucker DeSaulnier wrote in a press release on Tuesday afternoon.

Our Dad remains in critical condition, but is stable and continues to be characteristically resilient. While his situation remains serious, he is showing progress as his doctors continue to treat his pneumonia. His road to recovery is uncertain, ongoing, and will take time. Right now, our priority – and his – is ensuring improvement continues.”

Even in the most difficult times, Dad has always had faith that California and America are strong enough to face any challenge. And we believe the same of him.”

DeSaulnier suffered fractured ribs on Mar. 13 after fall sustained while running. He later came down with pneumonia. The family announced DeSaulnier had been listed in critical condition on Mar. 21. The illness is not related to the coronavirus, they added at the time.