Union City Councilmember Jaime Patiño’s 85-year-old grandmother is infected with covid-19, he told constituents in a Facebook Live video on Saturday morning.

Patiño’s grandmother is a resident at the Gateway Care and Rehabilitation Center in Hayward, which is the site of what is believed to be Alameda County’s largest outbreak of covid-19. Seven residents at the nursing home have died this week. At last count, 65 people have been infected, including 40 residents, and 25 staff members.

Patiño visited his grandmother on Wednesday. He did not enter the facility, but greeted her from outside a window to her room. But by Wednesday night, Patino said in the video, she began developing a persistent cough. It worsened on Thursday. On Friday, she suffered from low oxygen levels, he added, before being moved to a hospital in San Leandro.

Patiño said his grandmother is not on a ventilator, but is receiving oxygen, and is alert.

“Although the situation is grave, I am actually thankful that she is under the care of skilled doctors and nurses there,” he said.

Later in the video, he asked for prayers and positive thoughts. “We are all hurting and we are all worried and really need your support,” Patiño said.

He added, “Let’s all pray not just for my grandma, let’s pray for each other. Let’s pray that we all have the strength to continue going and make the world a better place once we’re through this.”