COVID19 ticker graphic

Confirmed cases in Alameda County: 6,472. Deaths: 140, as of July 3.

OAKLAND           2,587           591.7***
HAYWARD          1,076           668.3
EDEN AREA**       402            581.5
FREMONT              341            145.2
SAN LEANDRO     326            359.4
UNION CITY          202            267.0
CASTRO VALLEY  201            308.0
LIVERMORE          199            216.4
NEWARK                168            341.5
BERKELEY             163            130.9
PLEASANTON       129            158.7
ALAMEDA                98            122.3
FAIRVIEW                66            615.4
DUBLIN                    61              93.5
EMERYVILLE          27            224.9
ALBANY                   14              71.5
PIEDMONT              14            121.4
SUNOL                    <10
OTHERS                 388+

*As of Friday, July 3.
**Eden Area includes unincorporated Ashland, Cherryland, Hayward Acres, San Lorenzo.
***Rate per 100,000 residents.

It will be extremely difficult to reach 1,200 hotel beds.-Willie Hopkins, Alameda County General Services Agency director, last Tuesday, telling the Board of Supervisors that the goal of housing the unsheltered in hotels during the pandemic is uncertain because some hotel owners believe the shelter in place will be lifted quicker than expected.
Tesla is restarting production today against Alameda County rules.-Elon Musk, Tesla founder, tweeting on Monday that he was reopening the Fremont factory in violation of the county's shelter in place order.
Low-income people will be most hurt by the economy and most hurt by the virus. We need to make them a priority.-State Sen. Nancy Skinner at a town hall this month with Assemblymember Rob Bonta.
Until there is medical science that can cure the cases, I think this will continue for awhile.-Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan said last week when asked about the duration of the county's shelter in place order.
I have missed going to coffee shops and my masala tea in Fremont.-Rep. Ro Khanna answering a constituent's question during a virtual town hall on Thursday about the first thing he'll do when social distancing orders are lifted.