The grandmother of Union City Councilmember Jaime Patiño died from covid-19 on Monday night, he announced.

Tri Cities beat“Grandma Emma Patiño’s journey on this Earth ended and she went to Heaven to be with the Lord. No more suffering. No more worries. No more pain,” Patiño wrote on Facebook.

“My grandma was a beautiful, hard working woman who did not deserve to go through this. And we will hold those responsible for this accountable. But now is not the time for that,” he added.

Emma Patiño is the 10th resident at Hayward’s Gateway Care and Rehabilitation Center to succumb to the infection while staying at the nursing home.

Jaime Patiño said his grandmother began showing symptoms of covid-19 last Wednesday night. She was admitted to an intensive care unit in San Leandro on Friday after developing low oxygen levels.

More than 60 residents and staff members at the facility have contracted covid-19 in recent weeks. To this date, it is believed to be the largest outbreak of the infection in Alameda County.

As of Monday, 172 Hayward residents have tested positive for covid-19, the second-highest number in Alameda County, behind Oakland.