A potential free testing site in San Leandro is facing some hurdles. Eden Health District officials broached the idea of working with the Alameda County Fire Department to set up a free testing site in San Leandro similar to one created last month in Hayward by the Hayward Fire Department.

San Leandro beat“We understand the need is now. and testing is needed,” Sna Leandro City Manager Jeff Kay said. Stanford Health Care is the likely health providers for the site.

However, he added, “there’s lots of logistics involved in this, so we’re not sure this is feasible.”

A possible location bandied about for the testing site was the parking lot at San Leandro Hospital.

Meanwhile, San Leandro officials announced they will provide $15,000 grants to nine local food pantries in the city, said Jeff Kay, San Leandro’s city manager. In addition, they plan to repurpose funding to begin a $5,000 emergency grant program for small businesses. “We’re trying to move quickly for small businesses with hopes they can stay open and maintain jobs,” Kay told San Leandro councilmembers last week.

San Leandro Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter said the key for local establishments to bring back customers is widespread testing for covid-19. “My whole feeling is until we get some good testing, the city won’t be able to come back online.” She added, “Not only are the people going into the businesses be wary, so are the businesses.”