Hayward residents who are not able to access unemployment benefits can apply for a $500 grant from the city’s relief fund.

Hayward beatThe Hayward City Council approved the grants Tuesday night as part of a $400,000 total allocation to the Hayward Community Relief Fund, which was formed recently to aid residents and small businesses left increasingly vulnerable by the sudden economic downtown precipitated by covid-19.

Hayward councilmembers voted to approve an allocation from the fund of $350,000 for the $500 grants, which will be administered by La Familia, a non-profit located in Hayward.

The checks and pre-paid cash cards will be offered through an unspecified date or up to 1,200 applications, and awarded through a lottery system, the city said. Those unable to receive the cash grant during the first round of funding will be placed on a waiting list.

San Francisco-based Stupski Foundation donated $300,000 to the Hayward Community Relief Fund earlier this month. In addition, East Bay Community Energy added $126,500, along with a number of small donors.

Another $40,000 will be administered by the Hayward Rotary Club to help small businesses in the city, and $10,000 will fortify supplies for the covid-19 testing center at Cal State East Bay that is supported by the Hayward Fire Department.