In a series of tweets last week, East Bay Rep. Ro Khanna strongly advocated for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to select Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his vice presidential nominee.

Khanna, a former co-chair for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, tweeted, “She needs to be on the ticket.”

On Monday, Khanna ramped up his push for Warren as vice-president, in an opinion piece in her home-state newspaper, the Boston Globe.

Already prone to quoting Abraham Lincoln and the Founding Fathers, Khanna equated President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal to nominating Warren as VP.

Khanna Ro headshot blue
Rep. Ro Khanna

“As the COVID-19 pandemic strikes every corner and constituency in the country, many Democrats have started to invoke policies taken straight from the New Deal, offering a bold paradigm for how we should respond and rebuild,” Khanna wrote.

“This invocation of President Franklin Roosevelt is a welcome development considering Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and many of us in the leadership of his campaign, offered a vision of fulfilling FDR’s call for an economic bill of rights. Biden has an opportunity to ensure our party’s promising rhetoric is matched with an effective governing strategy.”

Cozying up with progressive giants in Washington has become commonplace for Khanna in recent years. He often appears alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders on many progressive issues and legislation.

Last month, Khanna and Warren teamed up to advocate for an “Essential Workers Bill of Rights” to be included in the next proposed covid-19 relief bill.