Lee for veep?

East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee has always been known as a stalwart progressive, although, her brand of lefty politics has not often proven popular outside the Bay Area bubble. But as the entire country begins to embrace her political values in greater numbers, Lee is in the midst of  a career renaissance that is now … Continue reading Lee for veep?

Khanna touts Warren for veep

In a series of tweets last week, East Bay Rep. Ro Khanna strongly advocated for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to select Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his vice presidential nominee. Khanna, a former co-chair for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, tweeted, “She needs to be on the ticket.” On Monday, Khanna ramped up his push … Continue reading Khanna touts Warren for veep

AD15: Beckles says Wicks is playing ‘dirty tricks,’ alleges campaign orchestrated outburst at forum

Richmond councilmember Vinay Pimplé interrupted the event and reiterated allegations he has made in recent weeks that Beckles once mocked his disability.

San Leandro mayoral candidate proposes annexing San Lorenzo

"One of my ideas as mayor, we should Annex San Lorenzo!" Dan Dillman announced on Facebook last week.

Bonta: Those seeking signatures for Alameda recall are peddling hate; you shouldn’t be a part of it

"If you think Alameda should aspire to becoming a racist backwater, sign it," says Bonta, who was also hit with a spurious 'birther' claim recently.