VIDEO: Hayward Police shoot, wound suspect in his 60s

Video that captured the shooting on Wednesday of a man in his 60s by Hayward Police is quickly being disseminated on social media.

Hayward beatThe shooting occurred in the Mt. Eden neighborhood of Hayward on Bahama and Sleepy Hollow Avenues around 12:45 p.m, according to police. The suspect is alleged to have had a weapon, police added.

Hayward police were called to the area to investigate reports of a man chasing another individual. The suspect was later seen banging on doors in the neighborhood, police said.

The suspect did not die, but was rushed to the hospital, police said.

In a video posted on social media, the suspect is seen near a car parked in a driveway and wearing no shirt. A number of police officers with weapons drawn surrounded the suspect. A taser appears to have been discharged just prior to at least, one officer, opening fire.

It’s the second time in a week that Hayward police officers have discharged a weapon. During a traffic stop on May 20, Hayward police shot and killed an unidentified man in his 20s.


Hayward Police released body-camera video and audio from the May 27 shooting on Thursday evening.

One thought on “VIDEO: Hayward Police shoot, wound suspect in his 60s

  1. Thank god for the Hayward Police Department. The officer did not have to use a Taser which did not work well in San Leandro. So rather than kill him like the Alameda Sheriff did, HPD just winged him, like Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger, Keeps all of us white folks not living in the neighborhood safe from people we do not know and who are clearly guilty if the police shoot some one. In this case, it looks like one LatinX down and a whole lot of Blue Guys who did not have to shoot. Everyone is happy about this one. did not even get much news play.


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