San Leandro downtown, mall looted, Walmart set ablaze

The nationwide protests that began with the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer reached the suburbs of San Leandro on Sunday.

During a day with very little organized protests in San Leandro, looters attempted to ransack Bayfair Mall in the afternoon hours. The mayhem extended into the night.

The Marina Square strip mall on Marina Boulevard near Interstate 880 was looted. Merchandise from a Nike outlet store was stolen, orange Nike shoe boxes strewn across the parking lot.

The group then marched across the street to a Dodge dealership on San Leandro’s Auto Row, shattering windows and stealing a number of high-end vehicles.

City officials announced a citywide curfew immediately beginning at 10 p.m. on Sunday night, but it did little to stop the vandals.

Across town, the Walmart store on Davis Street was looted and set on fire. The Home Depot in the same shopping center was also looted late Sunday night.

Alameda County firefighters put out the fire at Walmart, but another conflagration subsequently occurred inside the building, leading firefighters to return.

Almost concurrently, down the street from Walmart, looters hit the downtown areas of San Leandro. A GameStop on East 14th Street was thoroughly thrashed and the windows of the T-Mobile store around the block were broken.

4 thoughts on “San Leandro downtown, mall looted, Walmart set ablaze

  1. Jamal Langston you literally just said looters and rioters of “any race” give true meaning to the N word. You sound so ignorant to say that. I saw multiple races looting but that somehow in your mind makes us black people treu N words. I feel bad for you, you’re no better than they are and clearly you don’t love/accept yourself. Looting makes our entire town look bad but to focus on just black people is crazy. I mean isn’t that what led to the entire drama to began with? No where in your statement did you say we or was “Black” and “N” word. You’re sad and I’d hate to know you, no way you’re AFRICAN AMERICAN


  2. I’m black myself but…..The looters and rioters of any color give true meaning to the N word and makes people who already don’t like us hate us black people even more thus proving the narrative against black people. Black people whodestroy their “Town” begs the question why should black lives matter?


  3. I am ashamed of you all. To ruin your stores, steal from innocent people who had no dealings on his death…it is just an excuse to act like a thief and nothing to do with his death. You shame his death and no more…low life trash is all you are!!


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