ALCO supe candidate Vinnie Bacon sent threatening voicemail to Sikh Democrat

Alameda County supervisor candidate Vinnie Bacon sent a voicemail over the weekend to a prominent member of Fremont’s Sikh-American community threatening to end his participation in the local Democratic Party due to his support for Bacon’s opponent this fall, David Haubert.

Audio of Bacon’s voicemail to Fremont small businessowner Tejinder “T.J.” Dhami, obtained by the East Bay Citizen (audio below), begins with Bacon reiterating a campaign talking point that Haubert is a Republican who only recently became an independent. Haubert is registered as No Party Preference in the November election.

Bacon referenced Dhami’s recent participating in Haubert’s campaign, before adding, “I hope you know this will have severe repercussions as far as your ever wanting to work with the Democratic Party again,” Bacon said.

AUDIO | Bacon: ‘I hope you know this will have severe repercussions.’

“I am the Democratic Party endorsed candidate. Some may not like it, but that’s the way it is, and by working against the party like this, you’re basically jeopardizing any future work with Democratic party ever again.”

Dhami, a member of the Fremont Human Relations Commission, said he felt threatened by the voicemail, which came after several attempts by Bacon to get in touch with him over the past two weeks. He labeled Bacon “power hungry” and his words in the voicemail sounding “like the mafia.”

Vinnie Bacon.

Dhami said he worries about his future in the party, but more so for less-connected individuals who might face Bacon’s wrath.

“We need to stop this kind of harassment, “Dhami said. “County supervisor is a powerful position, if he acts like this now it won’t stop.”

Dhami noted that Bacon worked closely with Fremont Mayor Lily Mei’s campaign in 2016, at a time, like Haubert today, when she was not a Democrat. Mei defeated Bill Harrison, the endorsed candidate of the Alameda County Democratic Party that year. “Why is there rules for Vinnie and other rules for everyone else?” Dhami said.

Bacon said he knows, firsthand, about the difficulties that can follow perceptions of disloyalty among local party leaders. “The same thing happened to me in 2016 when I backed Lily Mei,” he said.

Bacon’s support for Mei led, in some part, to several years of shunning by some Alameda County Democrats that only began to subside over the past year, and especially since the March primary, as the party rallies around Bacon’s bid for supervisor.

“Maybe it was a dumb decision,” Bacon said of the voicemail, “but I was mad. The voicemail is 100 percent accurate. There will be repercussions.”

David Haubert

Dhami, in fact, is already facing some of the consequences described by Bacon. The Ohlone Area United Democratic Campaign asked for Dhami’s resignation as the organization’s vice-chair just prior to receiving Bacon’s voicemail last Saturday, he said. Dhami initially balked, but relented and offered his resignation on Sunday. Dhami, however, will remain a member of the Ohlone Area UDC.

He suspects Bacon was behind the move, speculating that Mei’s unusual visit to Haubert’s Fremont campaign office late Saturday morning triggered the day’s chain of events after she saw Dhami speaking outside with the candidate. Mei denies having any involvement in notifying Bacon or any others about Dhami’s presence at Haubert’s headquarters. But a call from the Ohlone Area UDC asking for resignation and voicemail from Bacon followed a few hours later, Dhami said.

Bacon denies any involvement in seeking Dhami’s removal as vice-chair, but said the group had been contemplating the move for a few weeks upon suspicion Dhami was working with Haubert’s campaign.

With vote-by-mail ballot nearly a week away from appearing in mailboxes across the county, the race for District 1 supervisor is heading toward the home stretch. It’s a district that is almost evenly split between Fremont and the Tri-Valley and includes candidates uniquely tied to each region. The dynamic has led to a push by both campaigns to raise their name-recognition in each others backyard.

Bacon acknowledged the potential backlash he may feel from the Sikh community in District 1. The voicemail to Dhami has the potential to change the dynamic of the race since Dhami is influential within Fremont’s Sikh-American community, and also has ties to Sikh-American small businessowners in the Tri-Valley.

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  1. The aggressive unpleasantness that Vinnie Bacon expressed may well be a function of the air surrounding District 1. Certainly Scott Haggerty has a long record of being unpleasant. I suspect that all who occupy the position will be equal boors and bullies.


  2. Vinnie Bacon has been a relentless bully throughout his time in elected office. This is what you get when you elect hyper-partisan activists instead of consensus builders. Governing is not the same thing as campaigning. And Bacon shows neither integrity nor leadership while doing either. It is long overdue for him to go away.


  3. A democrat campaigning for a republican deserves a dressing down, particularly in this race. Haubert has tried to hide his own party affiliations since declaring his candidacy, he doesn’t need to be assisted by democrats we expect to fight for the democratic party platform. You have to wonder what Haubert’s friends in the far-right militia would think if Mr. Dhami showed up at one of their meetings.


    • It’s a non partisan position
      The supervisor represents their district
      It’s not a Democrat Republican thing
      Letting your party tell you how to vote for a non partisan seat is ridiculous. Think for yourself!


      • Independent, glad to see that you just woke up. Alameda County has always been a Democratic stronghold, except for District 1. Good to see that you have chosen sides.


      • Pish, Dhami violated the bylaws of his own organization, the OAUDC, and was subsequently removed from his position as their vice chair as a result. The headline here shouldn’t be some absurd accusation of bullying by Vinnie Bacon, but rather the betrayal by Dhami of his friends and fellow members. This entire article is an embarrassment that the organization tried to spare him, but he thought it would be a clever move to leak the phone message to the press. The real story is available on the OAUDC’s FaceBook page, if you’re interested:


  4. I thought the art of bullying was dead in this day and age…..Thank you Vinnie for bringing it back!!


  5. TJ is not a prominent member of the local Sikh Community. He has been involved in creating several disputes and arguments within the community. His agenda is to rip the community apart. He is using the same tactics within the Democratic Party. He has worked against Party endorsed candidates in other local races on several occasions.
    The Sikh Community Democrats wholeheartedly support Vinnie Bacon. They will honor the party-endorsed candidates.

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  6. Dhami is no more than a court jester with in the community where he is used to do snack runs at temple. Calling him a prominent member is an insult to Sikh community. And there is nothing in the voicemail that is a threat.

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  7. Haubert is hard-core anti-abortion. He doesn’t support the law of the land. He will soon go away after Nov. 3.

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    • Anonymous, Haubert’s views on abortion are not pertinent. Other than his opinion which he is certainly entitled to have, he has no vote on Roe v Wade or abortion. I am no supporter of Haubert, but this is not a good reason to not vote for him. His positions on the issues in District 1 and in Alameda County are good reasons to select Vinnie Bacon and to retire Haubert.

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  8. The Democratic Party is turning into a racist party by only supporting the White Union Power and taking advantage of the Black and Mexican worker


  9. Why I am getting a sense that Haubert is feeling bit uneasy about this election. In my humble opinion, he just picked up a wrong battle to go dirty which might just backfire for him. There is no support for Dhami from Democrats or Sikh community. Given the strong bonding within Sikh community, this episode is just going to push the borderline moderates and independents to Vinnie.

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    • What in this article says anyone picked a fight? This is all about Vinnie Bacon and everyone knows it. No self respecting Sikh would vote for Vinnie after this.


      • Knowing what Dhami really is Sikh community is now overwhelmingly in favor of Vinnie Bacon. However it can be expected that sell outs of Dhami’s group will go out of their way to endorse VB opposition. But they carry no support among local Sikh community.

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  10. Everyone knows TJ Dhami is hard worker. He endorsed an independent candidate and that’s what Vinnie did in last elections. Dave was very helpful as a Mayor in getting permits etc for Gurdwara in his area. SCOPE has endorsed him already.


    • Dhami only works hard at delivering snacks for his handlers. And three is no gurdwara in Dublin. Gurdwara is in Livermore and David had no role in it. SCOPE is brain child of Kashmir Shahi designed to bring Gurdwara politics in to city politics and prepare ahead for his endorsements for his up coming city council run. Endorsements done by SCOPE clearly shows it. However Kashmir should be ready for whats coming his way.


  11. TJ Dhami is a good supporter to the Sikh community and other communities in the east bay. Every knows that he is a well known member of the Sikh community in Fremont and helps along other communities at the same time.
    There is only a few people who are against him because He is well known in the community.
    TJ Dhami is a very humble man and helpful, who is willing to help the communities of the East Bay.


  12. All of these comments are wrong about Mr. TJ Dhami, I’ve met him for years, He is a well known leader in the Sikh community, there is people who doesn’t like him and who claim to be leaders of the community when in reality they are only clowns.


  13. As a Fremont and Alameda citizen I know well to TJ Dhami; the man has a very good reputation in all communities, not only in the Sikh one. He has helped a lot of members in the East Bay. It’s a shame that other people try to attack him, they won’t succeed on that since there is a lot of people supporting him.


  14. My husband and myself support TJ Dhami and Dave Haubert. We are tired of politics who don’t do anything for our community. Mr. Dave has demonstrated how committed with our community is and He looks authentic and honest, not like the other guy how has divided the democratic parties into two. We choose the one who will unite our community, we are tired of politics, and that’s the reason why we choose Dave Haubert.


  15. I support 100% Dave Haubert, because He wants to do the best for our community and for the American ideals. Also because he fully supports our interests as Alameda citizens.


  16. Don’t bring India to US, don’t do dirty politics out of a man who has done so much for the Sikh Community, TJ Dhami is someone who takes the time to listen to you and who does his best to help the community. If he supports Dave Haubert, then I do as well. He is the only one committed for the Sikh and other communities. Do not separate the Gurdwara, Vinnie Bacon is an evil person.


  17. I guess it is OK to support a republican when you are a white elitist like Bacon. Remember folks, in 2016 he (Bacon) went behind the back of our Democratic Party and endorsed our narcissistic Mayor, the ever so, self loved Lily Mei against the incumbent democratic endorsed candidate and at the time our current Mayor, Mayor Bill Harrison. Bacon, stope making threatening phone calls and continue to raise money from the 4 people who support you….your daddy, your mommy, your son and your wifey’s inlaws….(Your wife sure spends a lot of time and money on getting you elected and out of the house….lol)


  18. If Dhami was so good why couldn’t he get elected to any decent elected position. When he ran for central committee he lost miserably when there are thousands of sikhs living the area. He also lost badly when he ran for Ohlone board. When he was appointed to a position such as vice chair, he decides to become a back stabber and support a republican.

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  19. TJ Dhami is a standup person who has done so much for our community. I have met TJ, and he is a truly kind-hearted person. I am shocked that Mr. Bacon does not recognize this and is trying to use the Democratic Party to bully his way into office. I expect much better from someone who rails against the ‘establishment’. Bullying minorities.. threatening them.. and he wants to be our County Supervisor? What a load of bull. I guess this is how he will treat people once elected to office.

    I doubt David Haubert would have done this.


    • Wow! The “Truth” comes out in the website posted above! All verified and fact checked. Thank you James Peterson! Any Sikh still supporting Vinnie Bacon should consider switch while they can. Vinnie is bully, no matter you like TJ or not.


  20. The Sikh Community
    Stands with Vinnie
    Backstory: My opponent in the Alameda County Board of Supervisors race has been spreading lies about me because of an interaction I had with an officer of the Ohlone Area United Democratic Committee (OAUDC) and he is claiming that I am “power-hungry and a bully.”
    Here are the facts:
    I was endorsed by the Alameda County Democratic Party (ACDP).
    The OAUDC is a group whose stated purpose is to help get ACDP endorsed candidates elected.
    TJ Dhami was the Vice Chair of the OAUDC.
    I was alerted by members of the OAUDC that Mr. Dhami might be supporting my opponent. They said he would be removed from his position if this were confirmed.
    I called Mr. Dhami and left a voicemail letting him know that there would be consequences for his position in the local Democratic party because he was supporting my opponent.
    An online news web site called EB Citizen published a one-sided story about what happened without getting a statement from the OAUDC.
    The OAUDC issued a statement stating that Mr. Dhami’s version of events in the article was inaccurate and confirming that Mr. Dhami had been “notified that he would not be allowed to remain as vice chair, since he had broken bylaws rules and the trust of the leadership team.” The OAUDC statement concluded “We still find no pleasure in embarrassing Mr. Dhami but his version of events in a recent article were inaccurate and we felt it was important to set the record straight.”
    My interaction with Mr. Dhami was based on his violation of the OAUDC rules and had nothing to do with his religion or ethnicity. Many leaders of the Sikh community in Fremont support me and have stated that the Sikh Community Democrats wholeheartedly support Vinnie Bacon. (Additional Post for further context)
    By sharing this inaccurate EB Citizen article, my opponent only wants to distract from his own record as someone who is hostile to immigrants. He was the headline speaker at a meeting of the Oath Keepers in Dublin. They are a far-right, militant group with Trump-like views on immigration. At the meeting, he recited his own Trump-like views on immigration saying that Dreamers should be deported and that Dublin would never be a sanctuary city.
    My past endorsements of Mr. Dhami in his own elections and my voting for his appointments to the Fremont Human Relations Commission make it clear that I have always been supportive and friendly to Mr. Dhami, which is why I was so shocked and disappointed to learn that he was working against me in this election.


  21. TJ sound sounds like a baby. I listened to the voicemail. Nothing wrong with it, just like a FYI email someone might leave for a business colleague



  1. Fremont politico filed police report against Alameda County supervisor candidate – East Bay Citizen

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