ALCOD1: Fremont politico filed police report against supe candidate

The Fremont business owner who last month accused Alameda County supervisorial candidate Vinnie Bacon of sending him a threatening voicemail has now filed a police report alleging intimidation and harassment.

Tejinder “T.J.” Dhami filed the report with the Fremont Police Department on Wednesday accusing Bacon, who is also a Fremont councilmember, of leaving a bullying and harassing voice mail on Sept. 19. “He abused the power of his position through intimidation tactics and threatening me,” Dhami told police.

This is the same voicemail referenced last month in which Bacon strongly suggested repercussions would follow Dhami’s involvement with the campaign of Dublin Mayor David Haubert, Bacon’s supervisorial opponent in the Nov. 3 General Election.

When asked why he waited a month to file a police report, Dhami said, leaders in Fremont’s Sikh community had been urging him to do so for weeks. “I fear he will threaten me more if he becomes supervisor,” Dhami said of Bacon. “I might have more problems for tomorrow, but this will stop the threats.”

Audio: Vinnie Bacon voicemail

In the 42-second voicemail, Bacon told Dhami, “I hope you know this will have severe repercussions as far as your ever wanting to work with the Democratic Party again.” Bacon added, “I am the Democratic Party endorsed candidate. Some may not like it, but that’s the way it is, and by working against the party like this, you’re basically jeopardizing any future work with Democratic party ever again.”

Bacon expressed some regret at leaving the voicemail, but did not apologize to Dhami. “The voicemail is 100 percent accurate,” Bacon said in an interview last month. “There will be repercussions.” Bacon did not immediately return a call for comment for this article.

The threat was quickly realized after the Ohlone Area United Democratic Campaign asked for Dhami’s resignation as the organization’s vice-chair. Dhami added no other punitive actions have followed the voicemail.

7 thoughts on “ALCOD1: Fremont politico filed police report against supe candidate

  1. This voicemail is NOT hostile at all! Vinnie maintains a very friendly tone. Who does TJ think he is? What a baby, reporting this to the police.


  2. It’s pretty clear Bacon does not deserve to remain in office, let alone be elected Supervisor. People have resigned over less. He’s a chump for not apologizing.


  3. I want to be the cop who had to take this police report. “How did he threaten you?”

    “He said I would be kicked out of the Democratic Party for supporting a Republican.”

    “Did he threaten violence?”


    “Did he threaten property damage?”


    “Did he threaten any members of your family?”


    “So you’d like to file police report because you were threatened with losing your job for not doing it correctly and in accordance with the rules of the organization you were with?”




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