Oakland City Council President Rebecca Kaplan won’t be getting a Christmas card (or Hanukkah card) from Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob this holiday season.

The California Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected the Warriors’ appeal of a ruling requiring the team to pay its remaining arena debt, which began in 1996 as a 30-year, $140 million bond. Oakland and Alameda County taxpayers pay half of the debt.

Following news of the court decision, Kaplan again railed against the Warriors’ stingy, Scrooge-like attitude toward the taxpayers of Oakland and Alameda County.

“It’s long past time for these deadbeat billionaires to stop trying to steal tens of millions of dollars from struggling tax payers!” Kaplan tweeted on Wednesday.

The progressive Oakland councilmember has been nailing the team’s owners to the wall for several years. First, over their move from Oakland to San Francisco, and second, their refusal to pay roughly $40 million in remaining debt owed for the Oracle Arena remodel.

Earlier this month, Kaplan and many other Warriors fans in the East Bay viewed with dismay as the team released new alternate uniforms for the upcoming NBA season that featuring Oakland across the front. This came despite the team moving to San Francisco last season and waging a lengthy court battle over repayment of the arena debt.