San Leandro planning commission appointee often used acronym for ‘All Cops Are Bastards’

An potential appointee to the influential San Leandro Planning Commission Board of Adjustment used the derogatory acronym ACAB, or “All Cops Are Bastards.” in dozens of social media responses to articles and comments about law enforcement in recent months.

The San Leandro City Council is scheduled to formally approve 16 appointments to various boards and commissions on Monday night. Included is new San Leandro City Councilmember Bryan Azevedo’s appointment of Guillermo Elenes to the planning commission.

Elenes is well-known in Alameda County Democratic Party circles. He recently served as an elected member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee.

As one of the more progressive members of the local party, Elenes has been a strong advocate of affordable housing and a frequent critic of law enforcement in the Alameda County. He is also known for abrasive, if not, controversial commentary. He also worked on Azevedo’s campaign last fall.

Elenes’ use of ACAB on social media has been widespread over the past six months, including one posting tweeted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department about a deputy in the hospital suffering from covid-19. The sheriff’s department’s tweet referenced a belief in prayer. “I believe in spelling!,” Elenes responded. “ACAB.”

5 thoughts on “San Leandro planning commission appointee often used acronym for ‘All Cops Are Bastards’

  1. Cops do not prevent crime. They don’t even enforce the law consistently. Instead cops choose which laws to enforce and their enforcement is a detriment to the community. They take breadwinners away from families for non-violent crimes to fill up private prisons which are paid for with taxpayer dollars. Cops are overly militarized, too. We need fewer cops and more mental health professionals and social welfare programs. Lastly, we should call upon communities to organize themselves into self-defense corps so that they may defend themselves instead of relying on police that terrorize their communities.


  2. There’s nothing derogatory about ACAB. I thought EB citizen was run my a leftist, not a bootlicker.


  3. Appreciate you bringing this to light. Calling out bad behavior at the local level matters so much.
    How many Eric Swalwells are in the making right now?


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