Reynoso supporters held protest at Hayward school board president’s home

Supporters of Hayward school boardmember Luis Reynoso protested at the home of school board president April Oquenda on Monday afternoon.

About two dozen demonstrators held signs near Oquenda’s residence in Hayward’s Burbank neighborhood depicting her and two other school district officials as corrupt for seeking Reynoso’s removal from the board.

The conflict followed Reynoso’s re-election to the school board last November and his victory in the Chabot-Las Positas Community College Board of Directors race.

Reynoso intends to serve both offices, but Hayward school officials argue he cannot legally serve both due to a conflict of interest. School boardmembers moved on Dec. 30 to declare he had forfeited the school board seat.

Latino residents have balked at the school board’s recent actions and have accused Oquenda (formerly known as April Anderson), school boardmember Ken Rawdon, and Hayward Superintendent Matt Wayne of racism. In addition, Reynoso, often a thorn in Hayward political establishment’s side, is being targeted by the group, his supporters have repeatedly argued.

14 thoughts on “Reynoso supporters held protest at Hayward school board president’s home

  1. we the parents blah blah blah. It’s you and maybe 5 parents. There you go with your allegations. Do you know how tired people are of your toxicity? Your hate mongering? You attended the last board meeting where they healed and were told to respond respectfully. Did you learn anything? Where is your respect? Your complaints were probably not honored because they were without basis. If you put all the energy you do in attending meetings to other matters, I am sure your own sense of health and happiness would be improved.


  2. No such law exists that allows a school board to do what they did and steal an election. Only the AG of Califonia can approve the lawsuit to go forward to remove an elected official, and not a school board or a council. Read on it.


  3. you are wrong, again araceli. There are benefits. Matter of fact until 2014 or 15 there were health benefits and the bylaws were consulted as well as legal and this was stopped and guess who fought this? yup, your savior, Luis Reynoso


  4. For people to think that only one person can do so much damage in tbe board I need to remind them that it takes 3 votes only 3 not 1. What we the parents are asking for is transparency in the process. Fist the Superintendent lie to the parents and community there wasn’t a complaint to star this process. Second they moved very quickly on this issue my question is how come they don’t move this quickly to provide services to our children. You have no idea how many complaints are made by parents asking for services fo their children and they keep them waiting for years and I know this because I help them file them. But with their attorneys they Intimidate the people. They did it to me when I ask for the complaint that originated this circus. Why would they spent money on attorneys if everything was bone by the book.


  5. Wayne and Oquenda must have received their PHD from TRUMP University. I think Faraj got her teachers credential there as well. They only think about how much money they can make off the working class. It doesn’t matter if the kids are white, black, brown, yellow or green.


  6. Reynoso must have gotten his PhD out of the bottom of a Cracker Jack box, as dumb as he is. Reynoso is just another example of a corrupt individual trying to make money off the back of the taxpayers – typical for Hayward politicians. Now he plays the race card and identity politics – yet another tactic of greedy, corrupt heartless individuals whose only interest is self gain. 30 years ago Hayward had the best public schools in the USA, now they are some of the worst and its people like Reynoso that drove the schools into the dirt. And if you think the destitution of Hayward public schools has something to do with “White Privilege” or so other leftist concocted race baiting idiocy, think again, because Hayward public schools students are mostly people of color.


  7. WHY do you keep LYING like Reynoso and his uneducated minions and pretending this is reporting.These people who are protesting were LIED to by Reynoso and assumed to be too stupid because they were Hispanic. How RACIST.

    Reynoso broke the LAW. He knew it. He was told by HUSD and Los Positos he had to chose one office. He refused. He chose to be a racist and LIE. Anyone who supports him or his lies and attacks others for following the law and what is moral is a RACIST.


  8. oh yeah. You can be sure an anonymous internet poster voted for Biden. Oh ok.

    that’s nice dear.



  9. You must be UNION ball swinger. I’m definitely not Reynoso’s BFF. I think he’s very arrogant. He thinks he is smarter and special than everyone else because he has a PHD. There are many Board members and HUSD staff that hold a PHD and call themselves doctors, but between all of them, they still can’t educate our kids. The cure is to stop the Hayward Teaches Union from stealing the tax payers money and keep them from trying to change the election results. Reynoso won the seat by the voters, just like Biden did. I’m sure you voted for Biden, so stop being a hypocrite.


  10. Its time to protest the Hayward Teachers Union as well. They are also responsible for hurting our kids education for decades.


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