Bay Area congressmembers react to Capitol insurrection; Barbara Lee calls it ‘violent coup attempt’

Alameda County’s three members of Congress faced one of the darkest days in American history on Wednesday as a mob of pro-Trump protesters surrounded the Capitol and entered the chambers.

Alameda County Reps. Barbara Lee, Ro Khanna, and Eric Swalwell each tweeting abhorrence of the events and notified constituents of their safety.

Lee called the insurrection a “violent coup attempt” on Twitter.

Swalwell also called the insurrection a coup.

Khanna acted as an impromptu reporter inside the Capitol building.

Later, Lee and Swalwell allayed concerns about their safety, each tweeting they were safe locations.

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2 replies

  1. Do not forget that Barbara Lee and Rho Khanna both voted no in support of the veto by Trump of the military bill. Their progressive support for Trump was wrong then and wrong now and must be remembered when they come up for reelection in 2024. To find Progressives like Desaulnier, Khanna, and Lee voting with Jordan, Gohmert, and Nunes is appalling. When Progressives are supporting Fascists we need to realign who we vote for.


  2. We need more honest politicians, like Rutherfraid B. Hayes


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