Alameda County Democrats chose labor leader Terry Sandoval to be its next party chair in extremely narrow vote on Wednesday night. Sandoval topped Oakland civil rights attorney Pamela price by two votes following two rounds of voting.

Terry Sandoval

A stalemate followed after each candidate receiving 23 votes during the initial vote. The tie was broken when central committee member Brendalynn Goodall switched her vote from Price to Sandoval.

Pamela Price

Sandoval replaces long-time party chair Robin Torello, who served the local party for the past two decades.

Other central committee officers selected on Wednesday night:

  • Vice chair – Igor Tregub
  • Recording secretary – Corina Lopez
  • Corresponding secretary – Andy Kelley
  • Treasurer – Royce Kelly
  • AD15 vice chair – Julie Waters
  • AD18 vice chair – Victor Aguilar, Jr.
  • AD20 vice chair – Elisa Marquez
  • AD25 vice chair – Nancy Thomas