California GOP Convention

LISTEN! East Bay Citizen Podcast – CAGOP Convention Special with Oakland CA13 candidate Sue Caro

// In addition, to running for Congress in Oakland’s 13th District, Sue Caro is also a potential John Kasich delegate to the GOP National Convention. EPISODE 23 | In most years, the California Republican State Convention is a sleepy affair,… Read More ›


CAGOP CONVENTION | The California Republican Convention’s Bay Area Regional Caucus hammered out a few known details to a relatively traditional audience of older men and women. David Miller, a candidate for the party’s state chairmanship, urged for “unity” under… Read More ›


CAGOP CONVENTION | It’s like falling into an alternate dimension here. A Democrat’s alternative world were similar personas are everywhere. There’s an older version of Bill Quirk, like a lost brother abandoned by his mother to only show up here… Read More ›