Measure T would double Hayward’s existing real property transfer tax from $4.50 per $1,000 of property value on residential and commercial buildings to $8.50.

Democrats should not lead with impeachment.-—Rep. Eric Swalwell appearing Sunday on "This Week," saying Democrats should instead focus first on health care, pocketbook issues, and rooting out corruption.
Rest in Peace, John McCain.-Assemblymember Catharine Baker, the East Bay's lone Republican legislator, on the passing Saturday of Sen. John McCain.
If we could police and incarcerate our way into safety we’d be the safest country in the world. We need to get to the gun before the bullet flies, not hold the mothers as they mourn.-Oakland mayoral candidates Cat Brooks, speaking at the Alameda County Democratic Party candidate forum Thursday night in Oakland.
We have to figure out how to get Muslims elected. It's kind of embarrassing.—Cheryl Sudduth, who is running for the West County Wastewater District board in Contra Costa County, at a Muslim candidates town hall in Fremont last Saturday lamenting about the lack of Muslim American elected officials in Bay Area government while other places like Michigan thrive.