Rebecca Kaplan tells fans to think twice before buying Warriors tickets

The Warriors move to San Francisco has always rankled Oakland City Council President Rebecca Kaplan. When the team attempted to skip town without paying its continuing share of a bond debt used to reconstruct the Oakland Arena (previously known as Oracle Arena), it was Kaplan who repeatedly called out the team.

Now that the team is gone to Mission Bay and poised to begin play at the gleaming new Chase Center, Kaplan is still initiating a full-court press on the Warriors.

Rebecca Kaplan

In a tweet Wednesday afternoon, Kaplan again referenced the Warriors reluctance to pay off the bond. But this time she suggested that fans in the Bay Area should not help the team by purchasing tickets to its games.

“Warriors owners also still spending millions to try to rob Oakland tax payers of tens of millions of dollars! Each time you buy their tickets, you are funding an assault on struggling communities as they take tax payer money needed for vital services,” she tweeted.

The tweet was prompted by another that criticized the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for limiting bus service in poorer areas of the city to accommodate Chase Center patrons.

The $140 million bond for reconstruction of the arena called for both the city and county, in addition, to the Warriors, to pay off the debt. But when the Warriors announced plans to finance their own arena in San Francisco, the team raised questions over whether they were entitled to continue paying roughly $7.5 million in bond payments. Roughly $40 million remains on the debt.

Last March, Kaplan tweeted animus toward Warriors ownership after one of its star players was critical about the lack of energy from Oakland fans during a game last season.

Then, in 2018, Kaplan created an online petition protesting the Warriors refusal to pay their share of the bond payments. She bluntly wrote in the petition, “WE ASK THE WARRIORS — DON’T steal $40 million from local tax-payers!”



3 thoughts on “Rebecca Kaplan tells fans to think twice before buying Warriors tickets

  1. Oakland has lost two teams now. Warriors should pay the debt, but sabotaging a team like this is childish and frankly pathetic. Warriors! Pay the debt and move on


  2. The Warriors left because Oakland blew it. Same issue as the Raiders. The A’s will leave too if there is not a new stadium built. Rebecca and the rest of the City of Oakland need to grow up and reconcile their support of the community without professional sports.


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