Predictions for 2019… and 2020

My crystal ball for 2018 predicted a "special season" for the Oakland Athletics. You're welcome, East Bay. But this is East Bay politics, which in my experience, can throw you a heavy diet of curveballs. Here's what I think might happen in 2019, in addition, to a pair of early 2020 predictions. SWALWELL RUNS Accomplishments … Continue reading Predictions for 2019… and 2020

Upsets, scandals, and ambition: The biggest East Bay political stories of 2018

One major story never stood out above the rest in 2018, but several were significant, and a few could become full-fledged headlines in 2019. There was scandal in the most unexpected places this year and upsets at the ballot box that nobody saw coming. Extreme ambition flavored other stories and disappointment animated others. Few would … Continue reading Upsets, scandals, and ambition: The biggest East Bay political stories of 2018

2018 Best East Bay political quotes

“I’ll say it again, President Trump is unhinged.” -Rep. Barbara Lee, Jan. 3, criticizing Trump's handling of North Korea. “In the area we come from, guns are for killing people.” -Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk, Jan. 10, helping to squelch a concealed carry weapons bill in committee. “Here’s my message to Mayor Schaaf: How dare you." … Continue reading 2018 Best East Bay political quotes


The year belonged to women of color successfully bowling over the ballot box and a congressman who overwhelmingly proved his progressive credentials in 2018, in addition, to providing a glimpse of the future for the movement in the U.S. Women in East Bay government is nothing new. In fact, mayors and council majorities featuring women … Continue reading THE FINAL WORD ON 2018

2018: Wild and wacky in East Bay politics

The East Bay Citizen has always been about poking fun at politicians, highlighting the ridiculous, comedic, and outrageously stupid comments made over the course of the year. This year proved to be a treasure chest of humorous moments. Some were outright slapstick. Some cringe-worthy dopey. For pure comedy, no other stories in 2018 beat a … Continue reading 2018: Wild and wacky in East Bay politics