No. No. No. To my knowledge, we haven't said such a thing.-Alameda Health System CEO Delvecchio Finley last week after Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan asked if the hospital provider is blaming the Board of Supervisors for not adequately funding its facilities.
I have missed going to coffee shops and my masala tea in Fremont.-Rep. Ro Khanna answering a constituent's question during a virtual town hall on Thursday about the first thing he'll do when social distancing orders are lifted.
Now, we must come together to take back the White House and defeat Trump.-Rep. Barbara Lee thanking Sen. Bernie Sanders for his campaign in a tweet. Sanders dropped out of the Democratic presidential race on Wednesday.

COVID19 ticker graphic

Confirmed cases in Alameda County: 3,725. Deaths: 101, as of June 5.

OAKLAND          1,391          318.2***
HAYWARD            708           439.7
EDEN AREA**      231           334.1
FREMONT             181             77.1
SAN LEANDRO    161           177.5
UNION CITY         132           174.5
CASTRO VALLEY 125           191.5
NEWARK               111           225.6
BERKELEY              99             79.5
PLEASANTON        63             77.5
LIVERMORE           56             60.9
ALAMEDA               51             63.7
DUBLIN                    28             42.9
FAIRVIEW               14           130.5
PIEDMONT             13            112.7
EMERYVILLE         10              83.3

ALBANY                <10
SUNOL                       0
OTHERS                 335+

*As of Friday, June 5.
**Eden Area includes unincorporated Ashland, Cherryland, Hayward Acres, San Lorenzo.
***Rate per 100,000 residents.