Very saddened about the loss of President Bush. You led by example. A nation mourns. But we are also grateful that we had you to serve and lead our country. Thank you so much. I know you are now happy to be with your beloved Barbara.—Union City Councilmember-elect Jaime Patiño, on Twitter, sending condolences following the passing of President George H.W. Bush Friday night
Oakland never got an opportunity to see all of the possibilities on the Coliseum site because we got groupies instead of leaders making decisions for us.-Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks Wednesday criticizing city leaders after the Oakland A's plan to build a new ballpark at Howard Terminal, in addition, to redeveloping the current Coliseum.
Nancy Pelosi helped us win big in the midterms; you don't fire the coach after winning the Super Bowl.-Rep. Eric Swalwell advocating Wednesday for Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. Pelosi was nominated later in the day by a 203-32 vote.
January can’t come soon enough.-Rep. Barbara Lee, in response Thursday to House Republican maneuvers to upend various bills. A Democratic House majority will be sworn-in on Jan 3.
There's not a single American that wouldn't want the violence to end and let food and medicine to get to those kids who are going to face death if we do nothing.-Rep. Ro Khanna, speaking on the House floor Wednesday, before Republicans quashed a discussion about U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.