A group of 22 California mayors and five county supervisors representing more than 5 million residents want PG&E to become a public co-op. A letter from the growing number of civic leaders was sent Monday to the California Public Utilities Commission urging them to consider the idea of a customer-owned public utility. The argue the […]


(100% precincts reporting)
>Dublin School Board
(Area 3, short-term seat)
Kuo               404  78.29%
Norrington 112  21.71%

(100% precincts reporting)
>Measure G
(Extends $2,763 school parcel tax through 2028)
50%+1 to pass)

YES             2,691  81.37%
NO                  616  18.63%

>Measure H
(School tax for 0.25 cents/sq. ft. on home additions)

50%+1 to pass
YES              2,417   73.26%
NO                   882   26.74%

I'll never forget when my daughter's show animal was sick and she was holding a thermometer in its rear end while it was crapping all over her hand.-Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty remarking on the value of the ag community Oct. 29 prior to the board's approval of a ban on mutton-busting. Haggerty voted no.
For someone who started out my career making 50 cents an hour babysitting, $15 would have sounded incredible to me.—Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday reminiscing during a discussion Oct. 15 for increasing the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022.
The president’s got priors.-Rep. Eric Swalwell on MSNBC Monday discussing impeachment and President Trump's involvement with Russia.
Allowing Measure AA to be enacted with less than two-thirds of the votes would constitute a 'fraud on the voters.'-Alameda County Superior Court Judge Ronni MacLaren, writing in a decision Tuesday against Oakland's 2018 parcel tax measure which garnered just 62 percent support.