"People can keep the coverage they have if they like it. We need to build on what works, not create an entirely new system.-Pete Stark introducing his plan for a single-payer health system in 2009 named AmeriCare. The issue still resonates today with the debate over Medicare-for-All.
I will never understand why we continually squander lives and money to achieve tactical or strategic military goals. The cost is simply too great; the ends do not justify the means.—Rep. Pete Stark marking the death of 2,000 American troops in Afghanistan during a House floor speech in 2012.
In fact, one of their cars was seen making a quick U-turn.-Alameda County Undersheriff Rich Lucia subtlety mocking Oakland Police during a Board of Supervisors meeting for not helping sherrif's deputies during the eviction of the Moms 4 Housing women on Jan. 14.
When you establish rules that become systemically discriminatory against people of color, then you’ve got to question your party and how they’re making all these decisions.-Rep. Barbara Lee in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle raising questions about the Democratic Party's process for candidates to qualify for presidential debates.